Our XC turnpoints are well defined !

The flight objectives are clear:

We fly fa(i)r !

Flying fair doesn’t mean you can’t fly far.

We fly live !

You can't make it on site today but you want some distraction ? You want to see the ongoing XC track of your favourite pilot ? Watch us live on Flymaster.

We fly safe !

We know and learn more about the Airspace everyday we fly. We share some useful information on that topic too.

About the Klup !

We share a passion, a common goal and the same thermal as much as we can. Together we go further than alone, together we learn more about XC flight !

The Klup'ers

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The latest news from the Klup

Military “No Flying Days”

This year quite a number of Military No Flying Days fall on weekdays. This is good news because when it comes to airspace, these days can be considered as weekend days. The dates below, have Read more…


Recap 2018

We’re approaching the end of the year, the usual time to make a recap of what has been accomplished during the past year. You can find out all about the Vortex Klup first year in Read more…